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In vibrant colors, and dream-like sceneries, Inessa explores the canvas with curiosity, spirit and beauty. She sees the liveliness and potential in mundane experiences, communicating these impressions of the world into her paintings. Making art is a way for her to record and express her emotional journey between her internal self and the nature of life. When Inessa makes art, she creates a whole, complete world to share with others.  


A collector of memorabilia, Inessa incorporates these physical pieces and ideologies into her work. From artifacts, postcards, maps, musical scores, to mythology, folktales and legends, she tells a story with her experimentative approach. Inspired by her childhood memories, Inessa paints about these distant times, merging the imaginary with the extraordinary.  Using collaging techniques, she brings together the richness of colors and diversity of materials through layering. 


Inessa’s paintings capture a feeling and a moment at its peak, like a flower in bloom. Her work is a vision textured with movement and expressive, eloquent brustrokes woven into a perspective that evolves. Through the language of feelings, she carefully balances pieces of herself and the world into a scene that is unbound by time; weaving a collection of stories into the fabric of reality/into the seams of a canvas.

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